Ethiork project.

Ethical software that enables people to achieve full independence on the Internet.

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About Ethiork.

Technological advances in recent decades has brought a lot of improvements into life of general public. However complexity of technology allowed many organizations to turn it into very profitable business on both side of the spectrum legal and illegal.
Ethiork project was born with sole mission to equip consumers with economically effective ways to build their presence on the Internet. Ethiork software automates all the IT processes and allows you to run your own cloud services with just few clicks. Simply put Ethiork software allows you to own your data on the Internet and you don't have to sacrifice your privacy.

Our Principles




Products built with ethical behavior in mind.


Products built from open source components and shared back with community.


Products built with regular consumer in mind.


Products that do not depend on any particular commercial entity.


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